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Adil Moujahid

Analyzing Messi and Ronaldo's Games using Python and Streamlit

In this blog post, we will be using an open collection of football logs to create a web app that analyzes Messi and Ronaldo's game during LaLiga season 2017-18. We will be using Python/Jupyter notebooks to analyze the data and Python/Streamlit to create an interactive web app that compares both players stats and shows their positions on the pitch.

Adil Moujahid

An Implementation of Schelling Segregation Model using Python and Streamlit

In 1971, Thomas Schelling published a paper titled: Dynamic models of segregation. The paper introduced an agent-based model that helped studying segregation in multi-ethnics cities. The model showed that a high segregation level in cities doesn't necessarily translate into intolerance at the individual level. In this post, I will explain how to implement Schelling's segregation model using Python and Streamlit.