My Projects

With my personal projects, I explore emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and generative art. Each project represents a unique challenge and opportunity to learn and grow, and I'm excited to share my experiences and insights with you.


  • Hello, NFTs is a project that aims at providing a comprehensive guide to creating and deploying an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, covering all aspects of the process from start to finish.
  • blockchain-python-tutorial is a practical guide to implementing a basic blockchain and its client using Python. It includes features such as multiple node addition, proof of work, conflict resolution, and transactions with RSA encryption. Additionally, the project contains two dashboards, "Blockchain Frontend" for miners and "Blockchain Client" for users to generate wallets and send coins.

Generative Art

  • Genuary 2024 Genuary is an annual challenge that combines the rigor of coding with the beauty of art, pushing participants to create a new piece of generative art each day of January. In January 2024, I embarked on this creative journey for the second time, motivated by the daily practice to sharpen my coding and artistic skills.
  • Geometric Grid Fusion is my first generative art project published on the fxhash platform and the Tezos blockchain. It's inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian and Sol Lewitt, this project experiments with lines and shapes to create a unique and visually interesting composition.
  • Fusion Bricks is a project in which I aimed to explore the convergence of generative art, pixel art, and LEGO creations. To achieve this, I redeveloped my initial fxhash project, Geometric Grid Fusion, using Pico-8 and then chose several outputs to construct with LEGO bricks.
  • Barcelona Tiles minted as Universal Rayhatcher #273, is a part of the innovative fxhash project Universal Rayhatcher by Piter Pasma. This piece is a 3D representation of Barcelona's iconic "Panot de Flor" tile pattern, crafted using an SDF (Signed Distance Function), all brought to life by the Universal Rayhatcher algorithm.
  • PFP Generator PFP Generator is a simple web application that allows users to create custom profile pictures by selecting different layers and traits. Users can upload images for body and trait layers, and then mix and match the layers to generate their desired profile pictures.


  • Pixel Editor Pixel Editor is a simple web application that allows users to create pixel art, save their creations as assets, and import or export assets as images. Users can easily draw on a grid canvas, pick colors, and toggle the visibility of the grid.