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Adil Moujahid

Data Mining Coursera for Popular Courses with Python

In this tutorial, I will combine Coursera course catalogue together with social media data to assess the popularity of courses. To to this, I will use the Coursera API to retrieve the course catalogue, I will use the API to get social media metrics for each course, and I will use python's pandas library to query and order the courses by popularity. The technique introduced in this tutorial can be leveraged to other use cases that require a popularity ranking system for measuring the relevance of a list of links.

Adil Moujahid

An Introduction to Text Mining using Twitter Streaming API and Python

In this tutorial, I will use Twitter data to compare the popularity of 3 programming languages: Python, Javascript and Ruby, and to retrieve links to programming tutorials.

Adil Moujahid

Baseball Analytics: An Introduction to Sabermetrics using Python

Sabermetrics is the apllication of statistical analysis to baseball data in order to measure in-game activity. In this post, I will use Lahman’s Baseball Database and Python programming language to explain some of the techniques used in Sabermetrics.